Joël Vimenet

Platform Engineer

Passionate developer, interested in challenges around distributed systems, scalability and fault tolerance. #Cloud #Data #Web #IoT #Scala #FunctionalProgramming

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Work Experience

2021-11-08 till

Platform Engineer at Linkfluence

I am working on the Radarly platform.

2017-06-01 till 2021-11-05

Data Technologies Senior Architect/Technical lead at Sigfox

Data Technologies is a department composed of data scientists, data engineers and backend developers working on innovative data based services. I have a transverse role in charge of the consistency of the architecture of the different systems developped by the teams in the department. As a senior, I provide technical support or mentoring to the members of the department.

Design of the architecture of the data processing systems

Technical mentoring and support to the developers of the team (team up to 5 developers including myself)

Participation to the functional specification phase

Interface with the product management, system architects, project management, external partners and other internal development teams

Development in Scala using Akka Stack (HTTP, Streams), Docker, AWS ECS, S3, Kafka, Kinesis, Spark

2016-06-01 till 2017-06-01

Sigfox LAB Developer at Sigfox

Sigfox LAB is a team aimed at developping POC/POV of innovative IoT services. I was the interface between the Cloud Team and the Data Science team.

Integrate data science algorithms to create innovative IoT services.

Develop POC of new IoT features

2012-02-01 till 2016-05-31

Cloud developer at Sigfox

SIGFOX is the first global network provider dedicated to the Internet of Things. In the Cloud team I worked on several aspects of the SIGFOX cloud.

Build a devices subscriptions billing system

Develop an algorithm for downlink messages scheduling

Implement a protocol of communication between the base stations and the SIGFOX Cloud based on HTTP/2

Implement a network simulation scheduling algotrithm

2009-10-01 till 2011-12-15

Java Developer/Web Expert at Anyware Services

Anyware Services/Ametys is a software editor developping a CMS dedicated to the universities and education. I worked as a developer on several projects including CMS integration, performance tests, consulting and system administration

Develop a service allowing doctors to easily create their website

Develop websites based on the Ametys CMS

Consulting and integration of ESUP Portail

Consulting and integration of BIRT

Develop mobile web applications

System administration

2009-09-01 till 2011-09-01

External teacher at INSA Toulouse

I teached web development and data modeling to computer science class of 50 students.

2007-07-16 till 2009-10-01

Java Developer at Anyware Technologies

I worked as a Java developer on several projects including a mobile social network.


2002-09-01 till 2007-07-07

INSA Toulouse

Master degree: Computer Science


Scala (Master): Play Framework, Akka, Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Reactive programming, Scalatest,

Java (Master): Spring, Spring MVC, Netty, JUnit,

Javascript (Advanced): ReactJS, Redux, jQuery,

Python (Beginner): Numpy, Pandas, pip,

Web Development (Advanced): HTML5, CSS,

AWS (Intermediate): ECS, S3, Lambda, Kinesis,

Databases (Advanced): MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB, Couchbase, Cassandra,

DevOps (Intermediate): Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker,

System Administration (Intermediate): Ubuntu, Manjaro,

Data Science/Data engineering (Beginner): Apache Spark, Pandas,

Build tools (Advanced): SBT, Gradle,

VCS (Advanced): Git, SVN,

Other (Intermediate): Jenkins, Sonarqube,

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  • Native speaker
  • English
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  • Spannish
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  • Japanese
  • Absolute beginner

Sport: Soccer, Swimming, Cycling, Bodyboard,

Reading: Comics books,

Photography: Landscape, Street photography,